Crossing the I's Conferences Planned in Spokane and Portland

Crossing the I's Conferences POrtland (November 7, 2017) and Spokane (november 14, 2017)

In response to feedbackfrom research communities in Eastern WA, MT, ID and in OR NWABR is once again hitting the road.  

A Crossing the I's conference combines the core material covered in traditional IACUC, IRB and IBC conferences and delivers this material in an accessible way, with plenty of time for networking, small group discussions and information sharing.

This conference is aimed particularly for members of IACUC, IRB and IBC Committees and for support staff and advisors for these committees.  Researchers who work with these Committees will also benefit from attending as they will gain an improved understanding of how these committess work.

The detailed program for each of these conferences is currently being developed.  The core program of each conference will be similar with some regional variations based on local expertise.  The conference registration fees for these conferences will be $75 for staff of member organizations and $95 for non-member organizations (lunch and other refreshments will be provided)


The Portand Conference will be hosted in the Montagna Auditorium at the Oregon National Primate Research Center, 505 NW 185th Ave., Beaverton OR.

To register for the Portland conference please click here. 


Spokane Conference

The Spokane Conference is being hosted at the Philanthropy Center 1020 W Riverside Ave., Spokane, WA 99201.

To register for the Spokane conference please click here. 


Vendors and staff of NWABR member organizations receive significant group conference discounts.  Please contact Ken Gordon (206 957-3337) for discount codes.  You can also email Ken at

There will be a limited number of free spaces available at the conference for the community members of research committees.  Please contact Ken gORDONfor the Community Member discount code (please note: these free spaces are only available for NWABR members).

For more information about this conference, or if you are interested in being a speaker, vendor or sponsor at the conference please also contact Ken Gordon.  

This conference is made possible by the member organizations of NWABR who provide the seed capital for the planning of these educational opportunities.  Please visit the member page to find out more about each of these amazing organizations.  We want to note our special thanks to the Oregon Health and Sciences University and to the Empire Health Foundation for making conference space available for these important events.

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