Our Areas of Emphasis

NWABR's mission is to promote the public's trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct. 

By promoting the public's trust in biomedical research, NWABR aims to increase public understanding, support and participation in the research process. Scientific and ethical issues are becoming everyday conversation topics.  For example topics such as access to health care, the use of stem cells, transitioning to a system of personalized medicine, emerging diseases such as Ebola and access to vaccinations have all been hot button topics in the recent media. In this ever-changing world, scientific literacy in the community grows ever more important. By encouraging personal interactions between scientists, the public, students, and teachers, NWABR is helping to demystify the scientific process and contribute to an improved community undertstanding of science.

NWABR also promotes the public's trust in biomedical research by ensuring that researchers and the research community hold themselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct in their research roles.  NWABR hosts conferences that focus on the ethical uses of animals in research, the ethical use of humans in research and how research institutions can keep their research subjects, their staff and their facilities safe.


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