Communications – It is all of our responsibility

NWABR’s founding members met for nearly a year before our non-profit was officially launched in 1989.  They took that time to insure that diverse stakeholders from across the research spectrum were an integral part of our organization’s formation and leadership.  It was crystal clear back then that there was a need for the biomedical research community to be able to compellingly articulate the benefits achieved for the wider community. Alvin J. Thompson, MD, NWABR’s founding President, a gentleman, diplomat and proud member of the Institute of Medicine who remained active in this organization until his passing in May 2012, generated trust and respect in both the medical and broader community. 

Susanna Cunningham, PhD, RN, a national leader in cardiovascular research at University of Washington, arranged for our first press conference at the American Heart Association where she served as Board President.  These founders knew from the outset that we must stand together as a research community to present positive, honest and trustworthy information about research in general, animal research, embryonic stem cells, clinical trials and ethics in research.   NWABR’s mission is to promote the public's trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct.

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