Kim Stocking, DVM, DACLAM

Kim Stocking, DVM, DACLAM is a boarded laboratory animal medicine veterinarian currently working at the University of Washington.  Prior to that she was at Seattle Children’s Research Institute as the Attending Veterinarian and Director of the Office of Animal Care. She spent 5 years in companion animal veterinary practice prior to switching into biomedical research. She spent 10 years as a researcher at Immunex Corporation and a combined 11 years as an IACUC coordinator, clinical veterinarian, IACUC member, Attending Veterinarian and director of animal care and use programs at both Amgen and now Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Joining the NWABR Board in 2016, Kim has been a long time NWABR supporter and has attended many NWABR IACUC conferences over the past 10 years or so. She has also volunteered with NWABR during several IACUC and IRB conferences and the Student Bio Expo. We thank Kim for her service as she rotates off the Board in 2022.


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