Bruce Busby

Bruce is currently the Associate Director of Environmental Health and Safety at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle Washington.  He is the Hutch’s Radiation Safety Officer and Biosafety Officer, managing the radiation and biosafety programs on top of being the IACUC chair. Bruce has been a Registered Biosafety Professional and Certified Health Physicist during his career, and has over 25 years as an associate editor for the journal Health Physics.

Following a successful Nuclear Navy career, Bruce received a bachelor’s degree in physics and health physics from Idaho State University (1994) and a masters in radiological health from University of Michigan (1997). He has been with the Hutch for 19 years, and served on the IACUC for 18 years, including 2 ½ years as the IACUC chair. He has over 30 years’ experience in health and safety in a variety of facilities around the country (US Navy, US DOE, Universities, biotech, manufacturing, State DOH, etc.). 

Bruce is an amateur mycologist and ends up edible mushroom hunting many times a year. He is an avid gardener, with a collection of exotic and rare plants. He lives with his bengal cat in the Greenlake neighborhood in Seattle.


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