Deidre Dillon

Deidre Dillon, RN, began service on the NWABR Board in 2022. She joined Providence in 2007 working directly with cancer patients and since 2011 has led the Ambulatory Providence Regional Cancer System Research Program.  In partnership with an excellent and passionate group of researchers, Deidre has helped facilitate access and excellence in both federal and industry sponsored clinical trials in a 5-county service area.  , in 2020 saw the need to broaden the program’s focus to support COVID inpatient access to treatment options only available as part of clinical trial participation. Deidre has continued to work for the community as the sole Evusheld coordinator during a time of COVID related staffing shortages. She focuses on the relationships, integrity, and community benefit, especially for the most vulnerable patients. She is a strong advocate for ethical conduct in all aspects of patient care and especially when it pertains to patient participation in clinical trials.  She serves as a reviewer for the PSJH IRB Behavioral and Minimal Risk Panel and most recently serves as one of the co-chairs.  

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