Linda Coleman

Linda Coleman joined the NWABR Board in 2016 and is the Director Human Research Protections at Yale.  Previously she was manager of regulatory affairs at Quorum Review IRB.  Ms. Coleman’s experience in health law matters, clinical and organizational ethics, regulatory compliance, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, mental health law, litigation, and employment law allow her to provide expert guidance in research ethics and other legal matters. 

In addition to her work with Yale and Quorum, she currently serves as a member of a hospital ethics advisory committee that educates and provides advice regarding organizational and clinical ethics related matters, including end of life, informed consent, and withdrawing and withholding of treatment. She also serves as a member of the Industry Pharmacogenomics Education Task Force (I-PWG) and is the President and Founder of Education Access Network, a nonprofit organization aimed at providing students with free and low-cost access to courses and programs to help students prepare for and succeed in higher education.


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