Richard Burrows

At the time Mr. Rich Burrows joined the NWABR Board he had been a Senior Veterinary Sciences Technologist at Zymogenetics for eight years. Since that time he has had similar roles with Fed Hutch and the University of Washington.   In this capacity he performs general husbandry of rodents and rabbits; performs technical procedures; trains researchers; and conducts quality control on the vivarium water supply. Prior to his work with Zymogenetics, Rich worked as an animal technician at both Icos corp. and the University of Washington.  In total he has excelled in animal husbandry for nearly 25 years.

Mr. Burrows is an avid volunteer and is passionate about science outreach that inspires students and adults about careers involving animals.

Rich attended the University of Washington and is certified at the LATG level from AALAS.

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