Wendi Russac, Education Manager


Ms. Russac began working with NWABR in 2014 and began teaching the Molecular Biology of Cancer course at camp BIOmed in 2016.  Wendi also maintains and supports finance operations for NWABR.  Wendi has a Masters in Molecular Biosciences from Washington State University and B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Washington. Her research experience includes work in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, and bioengineering. Her unusually broad academic background also includes studies in diverse topics such as: neurophysiology, bioinformatics, biomaterials, and the application of laser light scattering in medical diagnosis. Much of her career has been focused on technical roles in medical application and she has a particular interest in the ethical implications and distributions of new biomedical technologies and pharmaceuticals.  

Over the last twenty years, Wendi has also been involved in various aspects of science education, including the development and implementation of science curriculums for public school summer programs as well as private camps. She is an enthusiastic teacher who loves guiding students through the complexities and wonders of science.

In addition to the hard sciences, Wendi also enjoys the softer sciences of cooking and gardening and is an avid reader and outdoor enthusiast.

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