Our Board

Richard Burrows Linda Coleman Juan Cotto
Bill Dale PhD William S. Dernell DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVS Bob Ennes
David Forster JD, MA, CIP Cami Gearhart JD, Board President 2016 Jennifer Hansberry RN, BSN
Jamie Kenfield Kari Koszdin D.V.M. Dipl ACLAM, CPIA Lorraine McConnell
Robert H. Mealey DVM, PhD Diplomate ACVIM; Professor of Immunology and Infectious Diseases; Robert B. McEachern Distinguished Professor of Equine Medicine; Associate Dean for Research; Director, Animal Health Research Center Todd Myers Shannon Reynolds
Charlotte Shupert Phd, CIP Kim Stocking DVM, DACLAM Sally Thompson-Iritani DVM, PhD, Board Vice President
Rajesh Uthamanthil DVM, PhD, DACLAM Preston Van Hooser Donald Wang
Cheryl Weaver CCRC, CCRA, Board Past President Ben Wilfond MD
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