thank you for supporting THE 2018 SPEAK UP FOR RESEARCH GALA

thank you for giving your time, talent and financial gifts to speak up for research.  through your gifts you are doing the hard and rewarding work of informal science education along with supporting robust and ethical biomedical research.

NWABR’s annual gala is both a fundraiser and a celebration of biomedical research. 

The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise the money needed to support NWABR’s programs that engage Middle and High students and community members with biomedical research.  This outreach work is key to creating a generation of supporters, advocates and practitioners in biomedical research. 

Thank you to table and event sponsors, primarily our members, but also Venture Catalyst and whole dessert donors Cami Gearhart, Kari Koszdin, Jennifer Lane, Heather Peters, Lee Schoentrup, Charlotte Shupert, Jen Wroblewski, Daniel's Broiler/Scwartz Brothers Restaurants, Essential Baking Company, Macrina Bakery, Second Star Bakery and Whole Foods Market.

In 2018 we were joined by some of the winning students from the BioExpo High School science competition.  These students brought their posters and projects to the event to share with you the work that they are doing and their passion for the field.

The celebration component of the evening is aimed at acknowledging the progress being made in biomedical research in the Pacific Northwest. 

We Presented:

  • The Alvin J. Thompson Award: this Award reflects the recipients high standing in the life science community with engagement in cutting edge research alongside a commitment to ethical research practices and the advancement of public trust in research. 
  • The Buster and Nancy D. Alvord Award: this Award reflects the recipients philanthropic contributions to the Northwest alongside their role as an advocate, educator, or donor in support of the local biomedical research community
  • Honoring a select group of people who have provided exceptional service to NWABR

From Left: Frase Family, Paul, Alison and Isabella, Guests and far right Sharie and Dr. Casey Childers

For 2018 the Thompson Award will be given to Dr. Martin (Casey) Childers.  The Alvord Award will be given to Paul Frase and Alison Rockett-Frase.  Whilst they will be receiving separate Awards, Martin, Paul and Alison are being recognized for their partnership in developing a genetic treatment for the debilitating and fatal disease Myotubular Myopathy. Their incredible and moving story epitomizes what passionate parents, working with brilliant and dedicated scientists, can achieve.


Paul Frase with Joshua.





 Alison Rockett-Frase.








 Martin Childers.






Proceeds from the gala support NWABR's educational work, engagement with students and the public, in support of NWABR's mission to promote the public's trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct.

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards are giving to NWABR staff and Board members in honor of their personal contributions to the work of NWABR.  These Awards were instigated in 2016 and the  recipients are:


Lee Schoentrup

James Riddle 

Lynn Rose

Judy Fenyk-Melody


William Dernell

Jennifer Hansberry

Royce Morrison

Stephen Rosenfeld


To be announced.


Previous Gala Awardees


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