2020 NWABR ANNUAL Gala: Beating Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus






Change of date

In response to the Corona virus pandemic NWABR has postponed its Gala to September 24, 2020.

#ThanksRESEARCH GALA - september 24, 2020 @ 6pm, The laurel place
911 N. 145th Street, Seattle Wa 98133

*We are holding this date and will make a decision in early May whether to host, postpone or virtually present our Annual Gala. Thank you for your ongoing support!

NWABR’s annual gala is both a fundraiser and a celebration of biomedical research. 

Theme: beating Type 1 diabetes mellitus (t1d)

The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise the money needed to support NWABR’s programs that engage students and community members with biomedical research.  This outreach work is key to creating a generation of supporters, advocates and practitioners in biomedical research. 


The celebration component of the evening is aimed at acknowledging the progress being made in biomedical research in the Pacific Northwest. 

We Will Present:

  • The Alvin J. Thompson Award: in 2020 this award is given to Dr. Carla Greenbaum.  This Award reflects the recipients high standing in the life science community with engagement in cutting edge research alongside a commitment to ethical research practices and the advancement of public trust in research. Read more about Carla's work here.

  • The Buster and Nancy D. Alvord Award: in 2020 this award is given to Dr. William Hagopian. This Award reflects the recipients' philanthropic contributions to the Northwest alongside their role as an advocate, educator, or donor in support of the local biomedical research community.  Read more about Bill's work here.
  • The Edison Award: in 2020 this award is given to Alex Dugdale (Advocacy for T1D), Don Wang (Board service), Amanda Egge (Board service).  This award honors a select group of people who have provided exceptional service to NWABR.  Read more about Alex's work here.  Read more about Don's work here.  Read more about Amanda's work here.

If you are interested in attending the 2020 NWABR Gala then please contact Ken Gordon (206 957 3337), alternatively you can register with the following link:


Proceeds from the gala support NWABR's educational work, engagement with students and the public, in support of NWABR's mission to promote the public's trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct.


NWABR Distinguished Service Awards (Now Known as the Edison Awards)

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards are giving to NWABR staff, Board and other community members in honor of their personal contributions to the work of NWABR.  These Awards were instigated in 2016 and the past recipients were:


Lee Schoentrup

James Riddle 

Lynn Rose

Judy Fenyk-Melody


William Dernell

Jennifer Hansberry

Royce Morrison

Stephen Rosenfeld


William (Bill) Dale

Todd Myers

Marcia Johnson-Witter and Max Witter on behalf of the Dean Witter Foundation


Cami Gearhart

Cheryl Weaver

Ben Wilfond


Previous Thompson and Alvord Award Gala Awardees


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