2020 NWABR ANNUAL Gala: Beating Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus


Change of date and going to virtual

In the hope we could wait out the coronavirus pandemic, NWABR postponed its Gala to September 24, 2020. As the whole world is aware, the pandemic was still in full force as we moved into the fall, and so the NWABR Gala was held virtually.

Over 170 people joined with the Board and staff of NWABR to celebrate biomedical research.

#ThanksRESEARCH Virtual GALA
september 24, 2020 @ 6pm

NWABR’s annual gala is both a fundraiser and a celebration of biomedical research. 

View a Recording of the Virtual Gala Here

The above video refers to a donate now button "popping up".  This button will not show in this version of the video.  If after viewing this recording you wish to make a donation to NWABR, then you can do so at NWABR's Donate Now

In the recording you will see and hear discussion and references to the famous NWABR Dessert Dash.  Attendees at the Virtual Gala were encouraged to make and share their own desserts, and to help them out the Board of NWABR contributed several Dessert Recipes:  Access Dessert Dash Recipe Collection here

The Theme of the Gala was Beating Type 1 diabetes mellitus (t1d)

We celebrated researchers and community members working to beat Type 1 Diabetes.  Please read more below about our awardees who have made a difference as researchers, community and family members for people with T1D.

The following Awards were presented:

  • The Alvin J. Thompson Award: in 2020 this award was given to Dr. Carla Greenbaum.  This Award reflects the recipients high standing in the life science community with engagement in cutting edge research alongside a commitment to ethical research practices and the advancement of public trust in research. Read more about Carla's work here.

  • The Buster and Nancy D. Alvord Award: in 2020 this award was given to Dr. William Hagopian. This Award reflects the recipients' role as an advocate, educator, or donor in support of the local biomedical research community.  Read more about Bill's work here.
  • The Edison Award: in 2020 these awards were given to Alex Dugdale (Advocacy for T1D), Don Wang (Board service), Amanda Egge (Use of the Tools of Science).  This award honors a select group of people who have provided exceptional service to NWABR and the broader community. 

Registration for the Gala

Registration for the Gala was $30 per person.  Each registered attendee received a #ThanksResearch mask like the one featured at right.  We hope that attendees will use the masks to stay safe and concurrently celebrate research.  We know already that these masks are generating engaging conversations about research at this time.  NWABR has a limited supply of these masks that it will use to thank future donors.

We also encouraged attendees to share their desserts on social media with tag #ThanksResearch.  So you may start to see delicious desserts being linked to biomedical research in your own social media feeds.

If you have questions about the Gala or want to speak to a human being to discuss involvement in future events, please contact Ken Gordon (206 595-2450). 

Past Gala Awardees

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards (AKA the Edison Awards)

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards are given to NWABR staff, Board and other community members in honor of their personal contributions to the work of NWABR.  These Awards were instigated in 2016 and the past recipients were:


Lee Schoentrup

James Riddle 

Lynn Rose

Judy Fenyk-Melody


William Dernell

Jennifer Hansberry

Royce Morrison

Stephen Rosenfeld


William (Bill) Dale

Todd Myers

Marcia Johnson-Witter and Max Witter on behalf of the Dean Witter Foundation


Cami Gearhart

Cheryl Weaver

Ben Wilfond


Previous Thompson and Alvord Award Gala Awardees


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