2021 #ThanksResearch Virtual Gala


#ThanksRESEARCH Virtual GALA
september 23, 2021 @ 6pm

For NWABR’s 2021 Gala we gathered virtually to celebrate the contributions that biomedical researchers in the Northwest have made towards ending the Coronavirus pandemic.  Northwest researchers have been involved in basic and epidemiological research, creating treatments, and developing, and trialing vaccines.  Many Northwest Researchers also helped the Pandemic response by pausing their own work to free up scare equipment, PPE supplies, and staff.

By some metrics about one third of the biomedical research effort in the United States has pivoted to allow a focus on the pandemic.

The 2021 Gala was a celebration of research, of Northwest research institutions, and of the researchers who are the primary hope for return to some form of normalcy.



Each year the Board of NWABR gives out awards to celebrate progress in biomedical research.

In 2021 the Board of NWABR decided to present its Alvin J. Thompson Award to the entire Biomedical Research community in the Northwest.  This Award is being presented in this manner to recognize the pivotal role that Northwest researchers and institutions have played as they have focused their efforts on the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Congresswoman Suzan DelBene, who was herself a researcher in her early career, received this Award on behalf of the community.



The 2021 Gala was recorded and you can view the event with this YouTube link:  Gala Recording

If the work of NWABR inspires you then we also encourage you to visit NWABR’s Giving Page:  Donate Now

If you have questions about the Gala or want to speak to a human being to discuss involvement in future events, please contact Ken Gordon (206 595-2450).  


Past Gala Awardees

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards (AKA the Edison Awards)

NWABR Distinguished Service Awards are given to NWABR staff, Board and other community members in honor of their personal contributions to the work of NWABR.  These Awards were instigated in 2016 and the past recipients were:


Lee Schoentrup

James Riddle 

Lynn Rose

Judy Fenyk-Melody


William Dernell

Jennifer Hansberry

Royce Morrison

Stephen Rosenfeld


William (Bill) Dale

Todd Myers

Marcia Johnson-Witter and Max Witter on behalf of the Dean Witter Foundation


Cami Gearhart

Cheryl Weaver

Ben Wilfond


Alex Dugdale

Don Wang


Previous Thompson and Alvord Award Gala Awardees


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