2023 IBC, Security, and IACUC Conferences

IBC, Security, and IACUC Hybrid Conferences

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NWABR will host its annual IBC, Security, and IACUC conferences in a hybrid format in 2023. The hybrid format allows attendees the option of attending the conferences In Person or Virtually.

The hybrid conferences will take place on consecutive days (February 28, 2023 for IBC, March 1, 2023 for Security, and March 2, 2023 for IACUC). There is also an option of a fourth day (March 3, 2023) which be a small group facility tour with a local research institution.  This half day will be free for all conference registrants.

Attendees will be able to register separately for each day or register to attend multiple conferences.  


The Planning Committees have decided that the overarching themes for the three conferences will be "Adaptation.  The One Constant in Research"

The programs and speakers for the three conferences are currently being finalized and will be updated here as the programs are confirmed.

IBC Conference - Confirmed Speakers and Topics - February 28, 2023

Security Conference - Confirmed Speakers and Topics - March 1, 2023

IACUC Conference - Confirmed Speakers and Topics - March 2, 2023

Optional Bridging the Gap Facility Tour - March 3, 2023

NWABR, in partnership with the University of Washington, Office of Animal Welfare, is offering a free add on session that will allow a small group of registered attendees to participate in a tour of a local research institution's animal care and use facilities.  The Bridging the Gap Tour is only available for In Person attendees.

In Person Conferences

Conference Venue

The Conference is being hosted at the Laurel Place Conference facility.  The address of the Laurel Place venue is: 911 N. 145th Street, Seattle WA 98133.

Coronavirus Precautions

At the conference registration desk we will ask that you show us your vaccination card or proof of a recent Coronavirus infection.  We will be checking temperatures with an infrared thermometer.  We are also recommending masking, although this is not mandatory.  We are also encouraging attendees to test prior to leaving their accommodation on the day of the event.  The actual conference venue is a large ballroom with plenty of space for distancing if this is important for you.  Tables will be limited to a max of 4 people each.


For those attendees attending the Conferences Virtually, we will broadcast the programs using the GoToWebinar service.  This program allows the sharing of presenter slides and videos and limited audience interaction.  With the permission of the presenters all presentations will be recorded and will be available by March 4, 2023.


Virtual attendance at each conference will be $135 and if attendees want to attend two or three days then the combined fee will be $270.

In Person attendance will be $275 at each conference and if attendees want to attend two or three days then the combined fee will be $500.  In person attendees will receive breakfast, lunch, refreshments during the day and will be welcomed to join for a hosted happy hour to conclude each conference.

Staff members of NWABR Member organizations can register at a discounted rate by using the code NWABRMEMBER.  A full list of NWABR Member organizations can be found on the member page of the NWABR website.  The discounted rate for NWABR members is approximately a 47% saving on the prices noted above.  

There is an additional discount if NWABR Member organizations wish to register ten or more attendees.  Please contact NWABR staff for this discount code.

Students with a focus on IBC, IACUC, or Biomedical Research Security can register for $10 for the full three-day virtual conference series.


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CE Credits

NWABR will be applying for the following CE credits:

  • CPIA Recertification Credit
  • ABSA RBP/CBSP Credit
  • The American Association of Veterinary State Boards RACE non-medical continuing veterinary education credit for Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians


Sponsorship support is key to the successful provision of these events. NWABR acknowledges the following sponsors of these conferences:


Advarra advances the way clinical research is conducted: bringing life sciences companies, CROs, research sites, investigators, and academia together at the intersection of safety, technology, and collaboration. With trusted IRB and IBC review solutions, innovative technologies, experienced consultants, and deep-seated connections across the industry, Advarra provides integrated solutions that safeguard trial participants, empower clinical sites, ensure compliance, and optimize research performance. Advarra is advancing clinical trials to make them safer, smarter, and faster.


WCG Biosafety Services, is the unrivaled leader in IBC management and review. Since its inception in 2001, WCG Biosafety Services has convened more than 4,000 IBC meetings, reviewed more than 400 human gene transfer clinical trials, and e externallyadministered NIH-registered IBCs on behalf of more than 800 institutions globally.


The FBI is the lead federal agency for responding to threats from chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats.  The FBI investigates and collects intelligence on CBRN and explosive-related threats and incidents to prevent attacks and respond to them when they occur.  

Established in 2006, the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD) is part of the FBI’s National Security Branch. The WMDD leads the FBI’s efforts to mitigate threats from CBRN or explosive weapons. FBI personnel work with academic and industry partners to protect advances in scientific research and biotechnology development and to prevent the misuse of biological knowledge, material, and technology. The FBI also supports U.S. health security in part by coordinating with Global Health Security Agenda partners, Federal, State, Local and Tribal health partners to prevent, detect, and respond to biological incidents.

The traditional distinction between national security and criminal matters is increasingly blurred as terrorists commit crimes to finance their activities and computer hackers create vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The FBI is uniquely positioned and is the lead agency for exposing, preventing, and investigating intelligence activities, including espionage, on U.S. soil and uses its investigative and intelligence capabilities--as well as strategic partnerships--to pursue spies. Additionally, the FBI’s is tasked with investigating cyber-attacks and intrusions. We collect and share intelligence and engage with victims while working to unmask those committing malicious cyber activities, wherever they are.

The partnerships referenced above are crucially important to the success of this vital mission of protecting the United States from these threats. We look forward to interacting with you during the week and thank you in advance for your participation.


Additional Sponsors and Vendors are welcome for this conference.  Potential sponsors are encouraged to contact Mr. Ken Gordon for more information.

More Information

If you wish more information about these important regional conferences, NWABR and/or NWABR membership then please contact, Ken Gordon on (206) 595-2450 or email executivedirector@nwabr.org.  Please note NWABR reserves the right to deny registration for any reason.


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