2024 IBC, Biomedical Data & IP Security, and IACUC Conferences

IBC, Biomedical data & IP Security, and IACUC Hybrid Conferences

Seattle Children's Research Institute: Building Cure & Virtual via webex*

*more details on this page below the program schedules

Watch! Hear directly from Cindy Pekow, Chief, Veterinary Medical Unit, VA Puget Sound, about why YOU should attend this Conference. Cindy has served on the NWABR Board and volunteered in other capacities for more than 20 years. Thanks, Cindy!

The hybrid conferences will take place on consecutive days (February 27, 2024 for IBC, February 28, 2024 for Biomedical Security, and February 29, 2024 for IACUC). There is also an option of an add on half day (March 1, 2024) which be a small group facility tour of Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Attendees can register separately for each day or register to attend multiple conferences.  

Registration ends on Friday, February 23, 2024 at 3pm Pacific Time. 

Email melissa@nwabr.org for inquiries

**Please note that registration payment for the conferences is now mandated by our platform to use only PayPal. You do not need to register for a PayPal account. Instead, when paying, choose the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button then choose check out as guest.**

IBC Conference - Confirmed Speakers and Topics - February 27, 2024

Time Speaker(s), Organization Topic

Chris Doyle (WCG IBC)
James Riddle (Advarra)
Melissa Tribelhorn (NWABR)

Conference Opens
8:15 Kathryn Harris (NIH) Overview of the NIH Guidelines and IBC requirements 
9:15   BREAK

Lesley Colby (University of Washington)
Sarah Byers (Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU))
Harjinder Sardar (OHSU)
Karen A. Sanguinet (Washington State University)
Antony Schwartz (ABSA/Duke)

IBC Panel:
Brief History of IBCs, IBC in a small institution, protocol and facility review, the IBC Chair, Resources

12:00   LUNCH
12:45 Zachary M. Adelman (Texas A&M University) Gene Drives
1:45 Bob Ellis (Colorado State University) IBC and Ethics
2:45   BREAK

Sean Fitzgerald (Hackensack Meridian Health)

Translating Lab Biosafety into the Clinical Research Environment

Cell Science Gene Editing Team (Allen Institute)


Chris Doyle (WCG IBC)
James Riddle (Advarra)
Melissa Tribelhorn (NWABR)

Conference Close and Happy Hour

biomedical data & IP Security Conference - Confirmed Speakers and Topics - February 28, 2024

Time Speaker(s), (Organization) Topic


Chris Oehmen (PNNL)

Malinda Carter (FBI)

Melissa Tribelhorn (NWABR)

Conference Opens

Jana K. Spring
Noé Isaac Cavazos
Paul "Bo" Stocklin, Jr.

(Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Western Washington District)

Physical and Cyber Security
9:15 Bill Reid (Google) Keynote: The A(i)rt of the Possible: How AI Enables Security Professionals
10:15   BREAK
10:30 Charles Fracchia (BIO-ISAC) and Colleague TBD Update from BIO-ISAC and also from the Pacific NW Security Network
11:45   BREAK
1:00 Chuck Benson (University of Washington) IoT & OT Cybersecurity Considerations in Biotechnology Environments

Commander Jennifer Cockrill (ASPR)

Nate Weed (Chief of Resilience, WA State DOH)

Minden L. Buswell (WA State Dept. of Agriculture)

Hanna Oltean (WA State DOH)

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic:

Insight from WA State DOH’s Chief Resilience Officer, ASPR Veterinarian, Vector-borne Disease Expert, USDA Veterinarian, and Top PNW Biomedical Research Labs

3:15   BREAK
3:30 James Diggins (Twist Bioscience) DNA Synthesis

Malinda Carter (FBI Seattle)

Chris Oehmen (PNNL)
Melissa Tribelhorn (NWABR)

Conference Close and Happy Hour

IACUC Conference - Confirmed Speakers and Topics - February 29, 2024

Time Main Auditorium   Breakout  
Time Speaker(s) (Organization) Topic Speaker(s) (Organization) Topic

Shannon Ramsey (Allen Institute)
Heather Sidener (ONPRC, OHSU)
Melissa Tribelhorn (NWABR)

Conference Open    
8:15 Megan La Folette (The 3 R's Collaborative)
Erin Straley (AstraZeneca)
Refined Mouse Handling:  Why do it and how to manage the change to RMH

Cindy Pekow (VA-Puget Sound)
Joanie Phillips (OHSU)
Heather Sidener (ONPRC/OHSU)

9:15 Brianna Gaskill (Novartis) Managing male mouse aggression: What do we know and what can be applied Pekow, Phillips, Sidener, Continued IACUC 101 Panel Continued
10:15   BREAK   BREAK
10:45 Helen Diggs (AAALAC Internat'l)
Brent Morse
Gustavo Soberano (USDA, APHIS)
Sally Thompson-Iritani (ILAR, UW)

Regulatory, compliance, and accreditation panel Esther Pearl (National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, UK) Improving experimental design: Ethical implications and how the Experimental Design Assistant (EDA) can help
12:15   LUNCH   LUNCH
1:15 Colonel Chad D. Foster (NASA) Animal Research in Space Esther Pearl (National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research, UK)
Improving experimental design: Hands on training for the Experimental Design Assistant (optional, attendees will need to bring their own laptops
2:15 Christina Cruzen (UW)
Dominic Sivitilli (UW)
Cephalopods in Research Esther Pearl Continued to 2:45
3:15   BREAK   BREAK
3:45 Michelle L. Steinauer (Western University of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest One Health Research: an Integrated Approach to Understanding Schistosomiasis and Developing Control Measures    
4:45 Shannon Ramsey (Allen Institute)
Heather Sidener (ONPRC, OHSU)
Melissa Tribelhorn (NWABR)
Conference Close and Happy Hour    

Optional Bridging the Gap Facility Tour - March 1, 2024 (In Person Attendees Only)

NWABR, in partnership with Seattle Children's Research Institute, is offering a free add-on session that will allow a small group of registered attendees to participate in a tour of Seattle Children's research facilities and vivarium.  The Bridging the Gap Tour is only available for In Person attendees who are registered for at least one day of the conference.  This year a group of up to 20 attendees will have the opportunity to tour research facilities in a downtown Seattle campus, including state of the art facilities in a recently constructed vivarium.  More details will be provided to prospective attendees on request. If you are registered for at least one day of the conference and would like to RSVP for Bridging the Gap, email Melissa@nwabr.org.

Conference Venue & Virtual Viewing

The Conference is being hosted at the Seattle Children's Research Institute: Building Cure, 1920 Terry Ave., Seattle, WA 98101

Parking in this area is limited (and expensive) so attendees are encouraged to use public transport.  The Building Cure facility is an 11-minute walk from the Westlake Light Rail Station and sits near many bus lines.

VIRTUAL Attendance 

For those attendees attending the Conferences Virtually, we will broadcast the programs using WebEx.  This program allows the sharing of presenter slides and videos and limited audience interaction.  With the permission of the presenters all presentations will be recorded and will be available in March 2024.


Staff members of NWABR Member organizations can register at a discounted rate by using the code NWABRMEMBER.  A full list of NWABR Member organizations can be found on the member page of the NWABR website.  The discounted rate for NWABR members is a 47% saving on the prices noted below***.  

  • Virtual, single conference $150 | Virtual two+ conference days $250
  • In person, single conference $300 | In person, two+ conference days $550
  • Students with a focus on IBC, IACUC, or Biomedical Research Security can register for $10 for the full virtual conference series

In Person attendees will receive breakfast, lunch, and refreshments during the day and will be welcomed to join for a hosted happy hour to conclude each conference.

***There is an additional discount if NWABR Member organizations wish to register ten or more attendees.  Please contact NWABR staff for this discount code.

Registration is now closed

**Please note that registration payment for the conferences is now mandated by our platform to use only PayPal. You do not need to register for a PayPal account. Instead, when paying, choose the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button, then choose check out as guest.**

CE Credits

NWABR will be applying for the following CE credits:

  • CPIA Recertification Credits.  
  • ABSA CM points for RBP/CBSP Maintenance. 


Sponsorship support is key to the successful provision of these events. NWABR acknowledges the following sponsors of these conferences:


Advarra advances the way clinical research is conducted: bringing life sciences companies, CROs, research sites, investigators, and academia together at the intersection of safety, technology, and collaboration. With trusted IRB and IBC review solutions, innovative technologies, experienced consultants, and deep-seated connections across the industry, Advarra provides integrated solutions that safeguard trial participants, empower clinical sites, ensure compliance, and optimize research performance. Advarra is advancing clinical trials to make them safer, smarter, and faster.

Tech Software is a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for research compliance including IACUC and IBC to companies and institutions in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. We provide our clients with the products, people, and knowledge necessary to help solve their business problems. We work with our clients to meet today’s business needs while preparing for tomorrow’s business challenges. We can be reached online at www.techsoftware.com or via email at sales@techsoftware.com.

WCG is a global leader of solutions that measurably improve and accelerate clinical research. Biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, contract research organizations (CROs), research institutions, and independent sites partner with us for our unmatched expertise, data intelligence, and purpose-built technology to make informed decisions and optimize study outcomes while maintaining the highest standards of human participant protection. WCG raises the bar by pioneering new concepts, reimagining processes, fostering compliance and safety, and empowering those who perform clinical trials to accelerate the delivery of medical therapies and devices that improve lives. To learn more about WCG, visit www.wcgclinical.com.


Additional Sponsors and Vendors are welcome for this conference.  Potential sponsors are encouraged to contact NWABR Executive Director, Melissa Tribelhorn for more information at Melissa@nwabr.org.


NWABR has arranged for a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn Seattle Downtown (HGISD). The address for the HGISD is: 1821 Boren Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101.  The GHGISD is easily accessible to the Light Rail system (an 11-minute walk) if attendees are flying into Seattle.  The HGISD is just one block from the conference venue.  Bookings with the HGISD need to be confirmed by February 12, 2024, to secure the discounted rates that have been arranged.  

More Information

For more information about these important regional conferences, NWABR, and/or NWABR membership, please contact Executive Director Melissa Tribelhorn at Melissa@nwabr.org or (206) 957-3337. 

Please note NWABR reserves the right to deny registration for any reason.


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