Interview with Sid Singh


1. “Camp Strengthened my interest in Biomedical Science. Getting lab experience has me excited at the prospect of working in this field.” – Nick Lennon

2. “I really enjoyed this camp, and it helped me experience things and taught me things that I should know if I want to pursue a career in this field.” – Aashka Shah

3. “I think this camp is amazing and the content is awesome for an intro to bioengineering.” – Rounak Bodas

4. “It was an outstanding camp, Overall I loved this camp and I hope I can get job in forensics.”- Karen Teranishi

5. “This camp was really good. I really enjoyed how much hands on stuff we got to do”- Shayla Perotti-Orcutt

6. “It was much more hands on than at school which made it more interesting. It was also interesting to be taught by an actual scientist, which gave special insight on the content, unlike school.”- Lucy Dorer

7. “I learned more about bioethics and how studies get approved and the unethical experiments that happened in the past.”- Katie Nguyen

8. “I learned so much about the ethics because of this camp. The bioethics lecture was super informative.”- Sara Mutra

9. “I hadnt realized that how big of a concern bioethics is, and that it extends beyond animals. I really enjoyed Bioethics seminar”- Emily Chang

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