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Brain-computer interfaces: ethical challenges and opportunities      
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Facilitated by Eran Klein, MD PhD, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland VA Medical Center

The ability to record brain activity and use this information to control devices like computers, wheelchairs, and brain stimulators is a goal of brain-computer interface (BCI) research.  With this new technology comes great promise to improve people’s lives, but will the introduction of BCI devices into medicine and beyond raise ethical concerns?  What brain data is private?  Will wearing or implanting a brain device cause stigma or alter the way we view ourselves? Who will have access to expensive BCI devices? Who will be responsible if a BCI fails?

A well-regarded speaker and neurologist-philosopher, Dr. Klein will guide us through a discussion of some ethical implications of this emerging neurotechnology.

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When: May 8th  5:45-7:30p.m.
Where: The Lucky Labrador Pub (Hawthorne) at 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214; (503) 236-3555
Cost: $5 in advance or at the door
Includes discussion and one pint or glass of wine if 21+
Contact: Jen Wroblewski, engagement@nwabr.org

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