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The three performances of “The Sequence” were given multiple thumbs up! 
         “Great story. Well-done!”
         “Highly skilled acting.  Very entertaining and thought-provoking script.”

Presented in association with Seattle Public Theater with a professional director and cast.

Staged readings of “The Sequence” by Paul Mullin DNA helix

From the competition to sequence the human genome to personal DNA sequencing, the knowledge and use of genomic information inspires debate and discussion.   

The proceeds from this event will help sustain NWABR's unique programs and dedicated staff.

Play Synopsis:
        Renegade researcher Craig Venter develops a controversial "shotgun" technique for sequencing DNA, then quits the National Institute of Health in frustration over an institutional lack of imagination. He quickly makes a fortune in the private sector, and becomes simultaneously the most loved and hated figure of contemporary science.
        A folksy doctor named Francis Collins inherits the U.S. government's colossal Human Genome Project from no less a giant in the field than James Watson. When his victory in the sequencing race is threatened by Venter, he quickly makes the transition from apparent bumpkin to fierce competitor.
        Kellie Silverstein, an eager young journalist, cuts her teeth on the biggest science story of all time, the race to decipher the dynamic code of life hidden within the human genome, while she simultaneously runs a race with her own mortality.
        In the competition to sequence the human genome, will the grand prize be the public good or private profit? And how will three people, amid the frenzied race to determine what makes a human being, discover their humanity?

Read an interview with the Director, Paul Mullin by Greg Crowther
Thoughts on the play and genome research by Sally James

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       Mrs. Nancy D. Alvord              
       Illumina, Inc.

Background on the Playwright, Paul Mullin (view here)

Background on the Director, Erin Kraft
(view here)

Meet the cast!  (view here)
          Mark Anders
          Sydney Andrews
          Drew Highlands
          Michael Patten

Thanks to our Invited scientists and ethicists who described where sequencing has come since the initial race to sequence the human genome.  The technologies have changed making sequencing faster and cheaper and personal genomics is influencing medical decisions. Understanding the use of genetic information is more important than ever.

Sat., Oct. 12th – Post-play discussion for everyone
    Paul Mullin,              Playwright
    Erin Kraft,                Director
    Malia Fullerton,        PhD, Assoc. Prof., UW Bioethics and Humanities
    Kyle Minch,              PhD, Post-doctoral Scientists, Seattle Biomed
    Stacy Musone,         PhD, Illumina, Inc., Field Applications Scientist

Sun., Oct. 13th – PRE-play discussion for NWABR donors at 6pm
    Kelly Edwards,         PhD, Assoc. Prof., UW Bioethics and Humanities
    Roger Bumgarner,   PhD, Assoc. Prof., UW Microbiology
    Stacy Musone,         PhD, Illumina, Inc., Field Applications Scientist

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