Become a Research Ambassador

The Research Ambassador Program launched in 2019, continuing the heritage of our Speakers' Bureau (1989-2018) by connecting the scientific community and the general public. If you want to learn more about this program please contact Jen Wroblewski, our Engagement Manager at or 206-957-3337.

Talk formats will typically be 15-30 minutes for classrooms and up to an hour for other groups.  We are even curating pre-recorded 15 minute talks that experts can create and listeners can pull and view. During COVID, all talks will be virtual.

Ambassadors will have their own profile page and many will have their pre-recorded talk accessible in this space. Have a look at the example if Dr. Louis Pasteur were able to give a talk.

NWABR's Research Ambassadors Program dramatically expands the research community's collective outreach in the Northwest.  Research Ambassadors share their work with members of the public, either live (once COVID restrictions are lifted) or by video chat. Ambassadors engage others about their everyday work, the personal and professional reasons they work in the field and tell stories about the same.The heart of NWABR's Research Ambassadors Program IS the Ambassadors and their stories. It is our hope that more students will choose careers in medical research and more people will trust and value medical research in our region. Your inspiring, vital message is powerful! To become a Research Ambassador, please complete the below webform. Thank you!

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