Student Events

NWABR student events connect students with local scientists.  These relationships enable students to envision potential careers for themselves and see the application of science in their everyday lives, building towards a more scientifically literate society. In addition, we encourage the scientists of the future to consider the importance of ethics and social issues in research.  Students are invited to participate in multiple NWABR programs: 

  • Student Bio Expo - Approximately 350 high school students showcase their creativity and scientific mastery at this celebration that is part science fair, part pep rally.
  • Camp BIOmed - An intensive week-long summer camp program for incoming high school freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Campers will learn about biomedical research through a variety of hands-on activities and scientific techniques. This program was inspired by the previous Cure Research Fellows program, previously funded by a NIH grant.

    Financial Assistance is available and forms are available inside the registration portal. 

     for Camp BIOmed is currently open, with our three camp tracks are uploaded. 

  • Middle School Essay, Poster, and Video Contest - In partnership with the Knossos Foundation, NWABR offers a contest called “Biomedical Breakthroughs and My Life,” where 6th, 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to write an essay, design a poster, or create a video about their personal connections with a biomedical subject.
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