Student Events

NWABR student events connect students with local scientists.  These relationships enable students to envision potential careers for themselves and see the application of science in their everyday lives.  These programs strive to promote public trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct while increasing science literacy. In addition, we encourage the scientists of the future to consider the importance of ethics and social issues in research.  Students are invited to participate in multiple NWABR programs:

Student BioExpo-update

NWABR is pleased to announce that the Student Bio Expo will now be run by the Shoreline Community College.  The 2019 Expo was held at the College on May 17, 2019.  You can find more information about the Bio Expo at Shoreline's page here.

NWABR ran the Student Bio Expo for 18 years and is very pleased to be able to pass this life changing educational event to Shoreline Community College.  Many participants will recall that the competition has been hosted at the College for the past five years.  We want to thank the thousands of students and mentors and hundreds of judges and educators who were touched by this program.  It is our hope that the competition will be revitalized and continue to grow under the College's management!

Camp biomed

Camp BIOmed is an intensive week-long summer science camp program for incoming high school freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Campers will learn about biomedical research through a variety of hands-on activities and scientific techniques.

Financial assistance is available, and forms are available inside the registration portal. 

Registration for Camp BIOmed's four tracks is currently open!

Middle School Essay, Poster and Video Contest--update

In an effort to realign our extensive education programs with our mission to promote the public's trust in biomedical research, and its ethical conduct, we will no longer offer this program.  Thank you to the thousands of students and hundreds of judges and educators who were touched by this program.  As we assess and evaluate potential offerings, it is our hope that another middle school program will soon be available that once again challenges students to think about how biomedicine impacts our lives daily.

Thank you to the Knossos Foundation which has generously supported this program through the years.

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