Middle School Essay, Poster, and Video Contest


**Sponsored by Linda and David Wilson of the Knossos Foundation**


Discover the personal relevance of the life sciences by examining ways you have been personally impacted by biomedical research, specifically research with animals.  Express your learning by creating an original essay, poster or video.  Winners earn cash prizes.!

Open to all middle school students in the Northwest United States.  The 2018 Contest is now closed. Check back in October 2018 for the 2019 contest details.

We congratulate our 2018 winners!

Category: Essay, Animal Research Helping Animals (ARHA)

1st: Aleyna Convery, Access Academy
2nd: Juliana Vigdor, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School   

Category: Essay, Animal Research Helping Humans (ARHH)

1st: Olivia Sendelbach, St. Anne
2nd: Kaysa Engdahl, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School
3rd: Emma Butler, Evergreen Middle school   

Category: Essay, Animal Research Helping Biomedical Technology (ARHBT)

1st: Maryam F. Goudarzi, Einstein Middle School
2nd: Taran Kaylor, Evergreen School

Category: English Language Learner

1st: Fabrico J. Navarro, Einstein Middle School, ARHBT
2nd: Eduardo Ordonez, Einstein Middle School, ARHH  

Category: Poster

1st: Aidan G. Schutte, Einstein Middle School, ARHH
2nd: Amanda N. Nouwens, Einstein Middle School, ARHH
3rd: Darby Brillon, Evergreen Middle School, ARHBT  

Category: Video

1st: Lauretta G. Dian di Moussavou, Einstein Middle School, ARHH
2nd: Ada R. Franey, Einstein Middle School, ARHH
3rd: Eric Lu, Einstein Middle School, ARHH


1st Place Awardee


The results of biomedical science impact us all! They help us determine which treatments, drugs, and devices will be used in medical therapies, help us explain the basic principles of human biology, and, change and improve lives. Research paves the way for lifesaving treatments and cures that keep individuals and our community healthy. Each and every one of us has received the benefits of biomedical research in some way or the other- now is the time to research HOW!!

Students are asked to examine a medical therapy or treatment that a loved one, pet, or they themselves have received. Then, choose a category (Animal Research Helping Humans (ARHH), Animal Research Helping Animals (ARHA), Animal Research Helping Biomedical Technology (ARHBT) and Animal Research and Indigenous Knowledge (ARIK)), create either a 400-650 word essay, an original artwork poster, or a short YouTube video highlighting their findings.

Want to become a Middle School Contest Sponsor or Donor? Contact NWABR, at education@nwabr.org or 206-957-3337!

our 2018 winners!


OUR 2017 WINNERS! to view a few winning entries , click here



our 2014 winners!

our 2013 winners! 

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