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NWABR’s members – institutions and individual supporters – constitute a select community of leaders across the Northwest who embrace our mission of promoting the public's trust in biomedical research and its ethical conduct. Our members share in the effort to engage in dialogue about complex ethical questions related to the biomedical sciences. Through a series of educational programs we work together with the research community to communicate about the role of biomedical research in society, and we help our members navigate the regulatory frameworks that govern research through Institutional Review Board Conferences (IRBs), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Conferences (IACUCs) and Institutional Biosafety Committes (IBCs).

In additional to professional education conferences, we offer unique educational opportunities to Middle School and High School students. Our programs meaningfully engage the public and young people with the scientific community by offering unique educational experiences as well as volunteer and mentorship opportunities. In partnership with the life science research community, NWABR creates pathways for young people to explore biomedical career pathways.From innovative educational programs to community forums, NWABR's work is part of a regional effort to build a vibrant life science community.

Together, we set a high standard for membership, ever cognizant of our shared responsibility and accountability for creating and supporting a culture across this region that fosters trusted research partnerships and ethical research practices.Our work encourages a broad coalition of grassroots advocates, community based organizations, and members of the community who are committed to the ethical advancement of biomedical knowledge. As members, you are part of our dynamic research community with access to peers and colleagues committed to sharing their ideas and expertise, regionally as well as nationally.

Become a Member

To find out about membership and joining NWABR contact Ken Gordon at


  • Programs and services designed to provide safe places for sensitive discussions about security and ethical issues in research
  • Training programs that are larger in scope than can be created internally, thus bringing nationally-recognized experts to regional events
  • Expertise and resources through NWABR’s network of peer organizations, government agencies, voluntary health associations, and research institutions

Members benefit from NWABR's:

  • Legislative advocacy role at all levels of government as an external representative, ensuring the collective interests of the research enterprise in the northwest are heard
  • Two decades of experience developing and implementing responses to developing situations that impact biomedical research in the northwest
  • Extensive networks of experts and research institutions that enhance the connectedness of the regional research community
  • Proactive development of solutions to anticipate and manage emerging trends and issues impacting biomedical research
  • Focus to ensure that the unique aspects inherent in the culture and function of each of our members are recognized and addressed
  • Efforts to cooperatively raise the bar and exemplify the northwest research community as a model for the highest possible ethical standards of research
  • Support for excellence in science teaching to help ensure a science literate populace
  • Opportunities for students to learn about research and expand their knowledge of careers in biomedicine

We value your partnership in educating the public about the process of biomedical research, and invite you to join us! There are many ways that you can 'take part' in our organization and become part of our community.

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