Just like our doctors and nurses, NWABR members have also been on the frontlines working at a rapid pace to understand SARS-CoV-2 (novel Coronavirus), how it spreads, how it infects, who it infects, why it shows itself in a variety of symptoms and why progresses in such a deadly way. And now more than 130 million Americans are now directly benefiting from the biomedical research that developed the vaccines that will eventually bring an end to the current pandemic.

These organizations worked at breakneck speed to better understand COVID-19, to find effective diagnostic tools and treatments, and to see if other drugs might be useful to stop disease progression. They developed vaccines that are our best solution to stopping the pandemic and to help the world return to normal.

Every aspect of biomedical research was involved in this unprecedented effort to come to grips with the Coronavirus pandemic. This research involved examining the disease and potential treatments in animal models to steer the direction of human clinical trials that resulted in today’s safe and effective vaccines.

This website and its linked pages are one way NWABR acknowledges all of the work that has been done and continues -- with a significant amount underway in Northwest USA.

We have never been more proud of our member organizations and the tens of thousands of scientists, researchers, biological safety experts, animal care staff, clinical research staff, ethicists, members of IBC, IACUC and IRB committees, and all of their funders who are providing the hope that we all need for the future.

Please join us in thanking all of these amazing researchers and please feel free to share their stories.





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