Community Heroes Respond to COVID-19: We are in this Together!

When generosity prevails communities and people in them are stronger.  It's a bit like care-based ethics.  When we lift up the most vulnerable people in a community then everyone lives in a better world.

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Ken Gordon, our Executive Director, is good friends with Hope Wechkin, who is Director at Evergreen Hospice and Palliative Care. Hope was sharing how nurses and caregivers did not have gloves or PPE needed to visit their dying patients.  NWABR had 30 boxes of gloves destined for use at our summer camps.  Ken donated these these to Evergreen as their needs were so much more vital.


The NICU at Swedish was running short of hand sanitizer.  Willing to try anything, they put out a public call and received something like a 3 week supply from the public.  Thank you members of the public for sharing your supply!

The Swedish mobile mammogram unit has been converted into a mobile COVID-19 testing unit.  They took the unit the other day to a population in transitional housing and were able to complete more than 50 COVID-19 tests.

Raven the Science Maven, a molecular biologist and science education graduate student at University of Buffalo, is using her knowledge, creativity and desire for diversity and inclusion to educate about COVID-19.  We know New York isn't in our membership realm, but we couldn't pass up sharing with you! Her remix of a popular rap song, "Wipe Me Down," has indeed gone viral. Pun intended. Video pulled from the public domain of Twitter. Click here to watch the video.

I've known Mike Yonkers for several years.  He's a chaplain at University of Washington Medical Center and is counseling families and patients with COVID-19, as well as staff.  His interview on National Public Radio is heartfelt. I am encouraged that people are getting wrap around care from experts in many fields, including their spiritual lives.  Listen here.  Be a peace maker.

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