Featured IACUC/IBC Speaker: Dr. Charles (Chuck) Murry

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Murry leads the Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington.  The Institute translates fundamental discoveries in stem cell research into new medical treatments.  Chuck studies acquired and genetic diseases of the heart.  His work is driven by the knowledge that many people have an incredibly poor quality of life after they have had a heart attack.  There are currently no available interventions that are effective at repairing damaged heart tissue.  Medical intervention has been able to prolong life for people with damaged hearts but it has struggled with returning the quality of life to a person with heart damage or disease.  

Chuck’s work with stem cells has opened up the possibility of repairing damaged and diseased heart tissue.  This work is genuinely making the bench to bedside translation.  Chuck’s team has driven the work in understanding the role of stem cells in heart repair, beginning in cell culture and then trialing this work in animal models from zebrafish to non-human primates.  They plan to begin first-in-human trials in 2020.   Excitingly, it appears that this work may also be vital in other diseases associated with damaged tissue.  This could include: neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, muscular dystrophy, cancer, diabetes, hearing loss, and retinal, kidney, and liver diseases.

This presentation at NWABR’s 2019 IACUC conference will both overview this vital work, and discuss the roles that IACUC committees play in overseeing these vitally important studies.


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