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If you are looking for a speaker for your community group, classroom or other venue, you have arrived at the right place.

download flyer about requesting a research ambassador

The NWABR Research Ambassadors are scientist-speakers who volunteer to speak about their work, their careers and the process of science. We primarily provide in-person speakers within Washington State but we are also branching out to provide online sessions as well.

Ambassadors hope to inspire your audience, to be transparent and trustworthy, to advocate informed decision making and citizenship and to encourage careers in the medical sciences.

Should you have any questions about the Ambassadors or special requests please contact Jennifer Wroblewski at or 206-957-3337.

Phone number with area code.
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If your desired topic is not listed above, please describe what you would like to hear about.
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Please indicate the approximate audience size.
Please specify length of presentation, including time for questions.
How many times do you need the speaker to give their presentation?
Please indicate your preferred combination of presentation styles. Note that not all speakers will be able to accommodate all styles.
Please indicate whether you or the audience has special learning, physical or cultural needs/sensitivities.
Please describe anything else we should know when meeting your request.
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