Bioethics Introduction

NWABR's central purpose is to promote public understanding of biomedical research and its ethical conduct.

We support excellence in science teaching, we build connections between scientists and students, and we strengthen the research community.

Through this work, NWABR is a stakeholder in a variety of issues relating to the community. Learn about bioethics, NWABR's position, and develop your personal positions.

Current Bioethical Issues

Human Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies with human volunteers, designed to answer very specific questions about new medicines – do they work to cure diseases or alleviate suffering, are they safe for people to use, how much medicine should be given, and are there new ways to use a medicine that is already available.

Animals in Research

An important part of NWABR's mission is to educate the public about biomedical research, and especially the need for the humane use of animals in research.  Although great strides have been made in developing supplemental methods of research, animals continue to provide only avenue towards understanding how processes occur in a complex, living organism.  We provide resources to those wanting to learn more about the use of animals as an integral part of the research process.

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