The Biomedical Research Process

What defines biomedical research? How do scientists ensure that new drugs are safe? What factors must be considered before enrolling patients in a clinical trial? How long does it take to develop new drugs? The sites below have been especially selected to address these issues and other ones related to the research process.

Overviews of the Biomedical Research Process

What Exactly is Biomedical Research?
Our North Carolina Affiliate, NCABR, has compiled a useful overview explaining what biomedical research is and how it works.

Food and Drug Administration
Basic questions and answers, information on protection of human subjects, and overview articles about clinical trials.

The Confusing World of Clinical Trials - Clinical Trial Information
Summarizes what a clinical trial is, how trials proceed, and other related topics from the Multiple Sclerosis Association. Written in a very accessible manner.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center – Clinical Trials
The MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas provides a helpful resource for understanding many facets of clinical trials.

The National Cancer Institute
The NCI offers a wealth of information on clinical trials. Especially valuable are the Understanding Clinical Trials section and the Resources section. Be sure to check out the many free publications available, as well as the power point presentations on clinical trials available on-line.

Research and Drug Development

Beyond Discovery: The Path from Research to Human Benefit
Real life case studies illustrate how recent medical and technological advances arose from basic laboratory research. Some of the areas covered are Hepatitis B, polymers, designer seeds, and human gene testing.

Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the Food and Drug Administration

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