Student Career Center

Do you ever wonder what kind of job you can get with a certain degree? Would you like to learn more about different careers? Check out some of the links below for more information.

Exploring Science Careers: Interviews and Information by Career Field

From 3D animators to veterinarians, genetic research and information technology is revolutionizing all fields of science. Read transcripts of interviews with a range of professionals as they describe their career paths, an average work day, and what they find most challenging and more rewarding about their work. Each featured career also includes additional resources to learn more, including educational requirements and salary information.

Education and Career Planning Resources

Trying to decide on a major or a degree program can seem overwhelming. How do you find educational programs? What do all of those different degrees mean? How do you find jobs and internships to gain experience or learn about a new field? Explore some of the resources that can help answer these questions.

Performing Online Research

With so much information available online, it is important to evaluate online resources for reliability. Checking references and understanding what domain names mean can help. Check out these links to learn more, and to find helpful educational resources for school projects, to learn how stuff works, or for scholastic entertainment.

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