For the Greater Good

The 'For the Greater Good' series is comprised of five featured articles.  Each article portrays one author's personal stories of people and animals whose lives have been improved or saved by medical breakthroughs made possible by animal research.  The series was edited by Samuel R. Sperry, then Editorial Page Associate Editor at the P-I.

 "I am convinced popular support is out there for investing in research -- even if in some areas that support is dormant.  Every state and region in the country can duplicate the experience of the (Northwest) Washington Association for Biomedical Research and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It can be done. It can be popularized. The story needs to be told." -Samuel R. Sperry

Both the 'For the Greater Good' five part series and the NWABR Curriculum Guide accompanying the series are available as PDF files from the Lessons page.   

The Curriculum Guide includes a 5-lesson unit outlining the use of models in both science and ethics, and provides resources for exploring the use of animals in research, using the "For the Greater Good Article Series" (Seattle P-I, 2000) as a resource. The curriculum guide also includes an assessment involving a letter to the editor.


Lessons and Assessment

Click here for the full PDF of the curriculum guide.

Although currently individual lessons and articles are not available, they are all included within the full PDF files. 

Lesson 1: Examining the Relationships between Humans and Animals

Lesson 2: Models in Science

Lesson 3: Models in Ethics

Lesson 4: For the Greater Good

Lesson 5: For the Greater Good; Pro & Con Responses to the series

Letter to the editor Assessment



Although currently individual lessons and articles are not available, they are all included within the full PDF files. 


Click here for the Full PDF of the article series.


Samuel R. Sperry, P-I Associate Editor/Editorial Page


Part 1: Unlocking the secrets of genetic disease through animal research

Joesph W. Eschbach, M.D., Former President, NWABR


Part 2: Improving medical treatments for animals

Patrick R. Gavin, D.V.M., Ph.D., Professor and Chairman of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University, Pullman


Part 3: Animals are key to discovering new medicines

Lawrence Corey, M.D., Professor of laboratory medicine and the head of the virology division, University of Washington School of Medicine


Part 4: Ethics of using animals in research 

Rev. Delmas Luedke, manager for Spiritual Care at Swedish Medical Center, Seattle


Part 5: How research animals live

Cynthia Pekow, D.V.M., Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Medicine, University of Washington

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