Youth Ethics Summit: Vaccination Ethics and Policy

Vaccination Ethics and Policy: Youth Ethics Summit

October 12, 2019 9:30 - 4pm


Presented by NWABR and PATH

2201 Westlake Ave. Seattle, WA 98121

While vaccinations have been responsible for many global public health successes, they continue to raise ethical controversies.  NWABR invites educators and high school students to explore and discuss the unique challenges of vaccine research and policy making.

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for students in grades 9-12 and interested educators

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No fee to attend; includes lunch

The Youth Ethics Summit will bring together students from across the Puget Sound region to  learn about topics related to ethics, medicine, and biomedical research that are of special relevance to  young people in both local and global contexts. This year’s summit will focus on vaccination bioethics and will feature researchers, clinicians and bioethicists leading discussions.  We will also watch a short film, Everybody's Business, about perspectives on childhood vaccination from folks on Vashon Island. The Summit provides an opportunity for students from different schools to meet and to participate in discussions and presentations about ethics in science issues.


Time Session and Speaker Session Detail
9.30 am Registration  
10.00 am Welcome, Jessica Cohen (PATH) Wendi Russac (NWABR) Introduction and Summit Overview
10.20 am Vaccines 101, Aziza Mwisongo (PATH) Understanding the basics of how vaccines work
 10.45am  Bioethics Primer, Ken Gordon (NWABR) Foundational aspects of bioethics
11.30 am Vaccine Research and Development (R&D), Bill Letson, Jodi Feser, Jessica Cohen, Moderator: Megan Tully (PATH) Panel discussion on scientific, operational, and ethical considerations for vaccine R&D
12.15 pm


Shop and Lab Tours

Gain familiarity with product development activities that support vaccine R&D
 1.30 pm  "Thre Never Was an Age of Reason" Dr. Marcuse (Emeritus Professor, Pediatrics, UW) Vaccines, vaccine hesitancy, & vaccine decision making 
 2.15 pm  Break  
2.30 pm Breakout Groups: Ethical Issues and Vaccines (Round robin small group discussions - students will rotate through all three topics) Facilitated by PATH panel speakers, Dr. Marcuse, and NWABR staff

- Not all Vaccines are Created Equal: What criteria are considered when deciding about vaccine recommendations

- Consent: What if a teen wants to vaccinate against a parent's wishes

- Social Justice: How do you develop vaccines for a global population

3.15 pm Debrief: Jen Wroblewski (NWABR), Jessica Cohen (PATH)  
4.00 pm Closing  


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Logistics and financial support for local transportation available

Learn more by contacting Wendi Russac, Education Manager.

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