Van Hooser

Preston Van Hooser

Preston Van Hooser is a well-respected University of Washington researcher and entrepreneur. He began his career in 1991 at the R.S. Dow - Neurological Sciences Institute in Portland, OR.  In 1992, he relocated to the University of Washington (UW), Department of Ophthalmology, Seattle, WA, with Dr. Palczewski where his research efforts led to the restoration of sight in an animal model and the first crystal structure of rhodopsin from purified bovine.

In 1995, Van Hooser founded SPCI Retina, dba InVision BioResources which specializes in providing high quality bovine retina, purified bovine ROS and RPE microsomes for use in vision research globally. Van Hooser continues to be involved with academic research through his current affiliation with the Department of Comparative Medicine and Office of Animal Welfare at the UW. In 2006, Van Hooser founded Cirrus BioSystems, a Seattle based company that manufactures automated lab equipment for use within SPF environments.

We welcome Preston to the NWABR Board class of 2016.

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